We are VR application creator, who loves challenges and making things. Based in Indonesia, we strive to deliver high quality contents for your business. We are here to be able to provide answer for any business needs. We believe that we can make a better version of your idea. Utilizing VR and Projection mapping technologies, we can help you for marketing gimmicks, event gimmicks, and other business purposes. We always innovate and find a way to better ourselves. We have worked on several projects in Indonesia such as 3D map for Java Jazz Festival 2018, gimmick provider for Chainsmokers 2018 and We the Fest 2018, 3D catalog for IIMS 2018, Rakornas Kemenpar 2019 and Rakornas Sosro 2019.

Changing your perception

What is HoloLens

To educate Indonesia market about endless usage of VR and Projection mapping.
To be able to create high quality,and innovative content business solution.
To stay commited in providing high quality service to our clients.
To be able to be the first company in Indonesia that provide high quality applications, and able to enter worldwide market.

What is WMR


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Content Creation

For business that want to create their own custom VR application for various purposes, we provide services to create your own content based on your vision.

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Interactive Projection Mapping

For business that want to create immersive experience or 3D advertising, we provide this service to create your own experience.

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Device Rental

For Business that need VR headset for their business or event, we provide several VR headsets with different specifications for various business purposes.



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Magnate Project

+62 878 0003 2121

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